About Pumpage & Barcelona Social

Want to see what Barcelona has to offer! Great nightlife, meet locals (for hidden gems), meet new friends & have fun.

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What we are about?
We are a group of people who live and love Barcelona nightlife. Our aim is to find the best places in Barcelona and share them with you. From hidden gems to the busiest & booming nightclubs, we will take you there. As our group grows we will try new places to meet on a weekly basis and get good deals from the bars. This will only happen if the group expands. So spread the word.

We love meeting new people from all nationalities and anyone is welcome. The type of people who will be in the group will be people who want to party and get the most of Barcelona. Singles, couples or anyone looking for a laugh.

Who should join?

  • Anyone who wants a great night out.
  • Meet the locals & expats of Barcelona.
  • Meet tourists like yourself.
  • Get to know the real Barcelona and not tourist traps
  • 18-35 in age group (it’s mainly mid twenties in the group)

What to expect
Expect to meet like minded people looking for a great night out. The night will start at a bar then once everyone arrives we will discuss where to go.

About the organizer
I used to live in a party district of Andalucia (South Spain), arranging night outs from Malaga to Benalmadena to Marbella. I run a Hen & Stag website for tourists and knew where exactly to go and do.

I moved to Barcelona in late 2014 and aim to do the same here. I love meeting and getting to know new people. I’ve already met many great locals and expats, who have pointed me in the right directions to go.