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Every week I host my very own radio show on the amazing ‘Barcelona City FM‘ radio station. With extremely funny guests ranging from professional and local stand-up comedians to just funny people I have met in my life. Expect hilarious banter, rude and outrageous discussions.

The show gets more than 70,000 listeners per month and is the biggest comedy talk show in Barcelona. The show is that big we moved from the radio studio to a venue. Which is now an audience participation show and we fill the venue every week. You can watch the show and see other shows every week. Visit this page for all events.

The Live Show is every Wednesday night at 9pm (CEST) Repeat Show is every Thursday night at 10pm (CEST) & Sundays 11pm (CEST)

You can message Vincent live on the radio show by liking and messaging him here: https://www.facebook.com/VincentValentineShow/

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